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December 4‍‍‍-6, 2018 | Ponte Vedra Inn & Club | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL



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What are the main benefits of attending Smart Building Envelope?

  • Full Participation Package: Complimentary airfare, h‍‍‍otel, meals and registration costs ensure a cost-effective experience while away from the office. Your time is valuable and the hosted attendee package is how we show our appreciation for your invested time.
  • Refine your Strategy: Accelerate your knowledge of trends, current solutions, services and strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Time Well Spent: Conduct face-to-face meetings with solution providers and industry experts of your choosing in just 2.5 days through our online self-scheduling system where you can customize your own 1:1 schedule to maximize your time.
  • Fresh Perspectives: Participate in on Keynotes and candid panel discussions from industry leaders, peers and visionaries to keep you forward-thinking!

What makes Smart Building Envelope different from other events?
Smart Building Envelope will assemble all key players, including architects and engineering firms, solution providers, and industry experts so that attendees may formalize relationships across various disciplines. Rather than just another trade show or exhibition, we are focused on building lasting relationships so all members designing complex building systems can better understand and advance their needs.

How is the agenda structured?
Our agenda is more business-intensive than any other event focusing on exterior building solutions. Every day is packed with private and group meetings, presentations, content sessions and networking. There is no wasted time and attendees walk away with ideas, solutions and strategies they can act on immediately.

This high-end program builds in scheduled time for face-to-face interaction between attendees, supplier representatives and industry experts. No other event delivers this level of quality meeting time among current and future business partners, while also providing the highest level of educational sessions and access to a variety of onsite resources. Click below to inquire about attending!

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December 4-6, 2018 | Ponte Vedra Inn & Club | Ponte Vedr‍‍‍a Beach, FL