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‍‍‍nGage Events is the leading producer of host-based, invitation-only business events. ‍‍‍These events bring together leading vendors with qualified decision makers in an exclusive and intimate environment. The team at nGage Events has successfully produced more than 200 events across all market sectors using this distinctive format which guarantees access to key contacts in a private setting, fosters new relationships, improves existing ones, builds partnerships, and accelerates the sales process. For more information, visit

‍‍‍If you are Interested in learning more about attending or sponsoring, please submit an inquiry‍‍‍ form found within the respective links below. For sponsorship inquiries, please reach out to Stefan Hauke of Messe Stuttgart Inc (contact info below). For General Inquiries, please reach out to Lynne Shane of nGage Events (info below).

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December 4‍‍‍-6‍‍‍‍‍‍, 2018 | Ponte Vedra Inn & Club | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL



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Messe Stuttgart Inc.
Since August 2013 Messe Stuttgart Inc. has been active in the USA with its own subsidiary and operates as trade fair organizer in the US. 20 Green Festival expos have been organized from 2013 – 2017; bringing together 5,000 exhibitors and 250,000 attendees promoting sustainability and green living. Since 2017, Messe Stuttgart Inc. has extended its lifestyle and consumer focused theme and estab‍‍‍lished the partnership with Projekt 20drei10 GmbH to organize the VaporFair and HookahFair with shows in New York and an upcoming show in Miami, FL 2019. Messe Stuttgart Inc.’s foreign Representative Business includes the US-exhibit registrations, and customer services for the leading LMS brands: R+T, TV TecStyle Visions, AMB, LASYS, VISION, Interbad, Intervitis, Moulding Expo and elect! For more information, please visit

Stefan Hauke

Representative North America

Messe Stuttgar‍‍‍t Inc.

+1-414-431 8652

Lynne Shane

Event Director

‍‍‍nGage ‍‍‍Events


December 4-6, 2018 | Ponte Vedra Inn & Club | Ponte Vedr‍‍‍a Beach, FL